UV Analyzer

UV measurement made simple. Your production optimized

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Mercury UV lamp or UV LED ?

Not an issue.

The UV measuring tool UV Analyzer allows you to simply and, above all, precisely measure all your UV mercury and UV LED systems. 

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enhanced uv curing

Improved production

The UV Analyzer is the only tool on the market that allows you to measure your UV lamps simply and precisely.

You can determine the energy requirement of your ink/varnish/glue and check at any time that your UV or UV LED systems meet it. 

electrical consumption reduction

Reduced Consumption

UV lamps can represent 60% of your machine's consumption, this is not negligible.

Thanks to the UV Analyzer you optimize the power control of your UV lamps in relation to the real needs of your application. You'll thus reduction in your consumption and increase in the lifespan of your guaranteed lamps.

UV strip

Stick the strip

Fix the strip on your support with gloves.

UV dryer

Go under UV lamps​

Make the strip react by passing it under UV or LED UV lamps.

UV strip

The strip reacts

The strip changes color from white to blue.

UV measure


Place the UV Analyzer on the strip and obtain the UV energy received (mJ/cm²)

Track the power of your UV lamps.

Define the minimum dose for your process and ensure you always respect it.

They trust us.